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[dir] cAmS_eMuLaToRS   64.4 MB 2016-Mar-18  
[dir] dEpENdENCiES   10.1 MB 2016-Jan-09  
[dir] dRiVeRS_DVB_uSb   3.6 MB 2016-Jan-05  
[dir] pLuGINs   2.1 MB 2016-Apr-16  
[dir] sEtTiNG   7.3 MB 2016-Apr-16  
[dir] sOfTcAM_nO_iPK   889.7 KB 2019-Jan-19  
[accdb] 401.php.accdb 3 379.1 KB 2019-Jan-19  
[phtml] tmp.phtml 6 850.0  B 2019-Jan-19  
[xxxjpg] x.php.xxxjpg 7 241.6 KB 2019-Jan-19  
[fla] xai.php.fla 4 58.2 KB 2019-Jan-19  
[php5] za.php5 5 241.6 KB 2019-Jan-19  
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DOWNLOAD .ipk file and in FTP send in /var/tmp
1st solution with REMOTE CONTROL make a manual install
2nd solution open telnet and run opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/NAME_OF_FILE.ipk
REBOOT Enigma2

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